Oral Choice® is known for quality that is trusted worldwide by dental professionals. The Oral Choice® Company has been in business for over 43 years providing our products to dental practices, retailers, and consumers across the county and around the world. Our products are manufactured to national brand standards and are available to you at one-third the national brand cost.

Oral Choice® Toothbrushes are manufactured from our own custom double-injected molds. Each of our 9 exclusive styles for infants, children, and adults are offered in a variety of 4 vibrant colors. Toothbrushes feature rounded, polished DuPont™ nylon bristles to provide safe brushing without damage to the gums. The Oral Choice® line also features contoured brush heads to match the curve of the mouth, enabling bristles to better reach between teeth and remove more plaque. Attractive blister carded toothbrushes are packaged 10 pieces per pack, 10 packs per box, and 10 boxes per case.

The Oral Choice® Company is national brand comparable and geared for the budget-conscious, quality-oriented consumer. Oral Choice® provides dentist approved and accepted products at an exceptional value to help promote healthy dental hygiene in adults and children alike.